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Don’t Touch Your Face! How to engage in habit reversal training (HBT) during COVID-19

Living with OCD OCD Teen Advocates discuss their experiences of living with OCD.

Living with OCDLiving and Parenting with BFRB’s A discussion on the personal experience of living with a body focused repetitive behavior (BFRB) and parenting a child with a BFRB

Managing Anxiety in the Academic Environment A discussion of how parents and teachers can best work with students who struggle with OCD and/or anxiety

Other Recordings:

OCD Awareness Week 2020 Listen to Dr. Jonathan Hoffman discuss “What I’ve Learned About OCD in 30+ Years of Practice” and Ashley Ordway, LMHC, Victoria Schweiger, M.Ed., and Frank Morelli, LMHC discuss “Paradoxical Love: How to Support and Challenge a Family Member with OCD.” Presentation starts 15:37 minutes into the recording.